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About: Jason Silva (see my previous post) hosts the eight part documentary series, Origins: Journey of Humankind, which is about inventions and concepts that have shaped the way humankind have evolved and become modern.

Produced by the National Geographic, Origins features reenactments and amazing digital visualisations, episodes explore the concepts of fire, medicine, money, communication, war, shelter, exploration and transportation. Looking back at unknown moments such as the discovery of fire and communications between people, the show explores how these moments have led to our evolution as a people. Some episodes feature important historical figures and how their inventions have led to our modernisation.

Why: Jason Silva was a huge draw for me but the subject matter and execution kept me watching! Also the trailer my melodysheep really made me need to watch the show.

Best bits: So far the episode dedicated to medicine has been my favourite. The discussions of death was so moving and beautiful.

Thoughts so far: Each episode is a visual treat and are at times very moving! I am up to the shelter episode and cannot wait for the remaining episodes. I love how a whole range of civilisations and peoples are explored in the show, it really empathises the humanity of the world, that we are all just people.

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