LLR: The Barbed Coil by J.V. Jones

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Are you a blogger who keeps telling themselves you’ll get around to writing reviews, but then don’t. Do you write ‘review to come’ on Goodreads only to let them languish for years? Well then, the blog feature ‘Long Lost Reviews‘ is for you.

The aim of the blog feature is to start tackling your review backlog. Whether it’s an in-depth analysis of how it affected your life, one sentence stating that you only remember the ending, or that you have no recollection of reading the book at all. Let’s tackle your review backlog and dig up some long lost reviews!

If you are interested in participating: post on the Second Thursday of the month, you are welcome to use the above icon, and all I ask is that you include a link to this post or to my blog. Thanks and happy writing!

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barbed coil

The Barbed Coil

by J.V. Jones.

When Izgard of Garizon put on the Coil and crowned himself King, he set in train a course of tumultuous events that would reverberate around the continent. For the Coil must have blood. And the first blood to flow is that of Berick of Thorn, the legendary conqueror of Garizon. His son, Camron, wants revenge and knows that Izgard can only be stopped by force of arms. He seeks out the man who knows most about Izgard’s murderous hordes – Lord Ravis, a ruthless mercenary with a dark and secret past. And Tessa McCamfrey is about to become caught up in this dangerous and exotic world – with the piratical Ravis, a beautifully patterned gold ring and a role to play in the momentous events that unfold.

To me, The Barbed Coil, was a big ‘oh’ moment.

The book wasn’t life changing, it didn’t have a huge emotional affect on me, it just had a character that made me stop and think, ‘oh, that’s me.’

No, I’m not a bold and dashing heroine (well okay that’s down selling myself, I can be all that 😛 ), what made me see myself in the book was a small character trait. The main female character, Tessa, has tinnitus. Until that book, I did not have a name for the high-pitched, constant ringing that plagued my life. Reading about the frustration and the small ways that it can affect you life, was eye opening.

I will admit that I don’t remember much about the actual plot of the book. I do remember really liking Ravis and wishing that he and Tessa spent more time together. However other than that I am a blank.

I rated the book four stars on Goodreads, so I must have enjoyed it. But other than my ‘oh’ moment with the tinnitus, I could not tell you what the book was about.

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