SLRG: Carnal Chemistry by Katie Allen

carnal chemistryCarnal Chemistry

by Katie Allen.

Publisher: link.

Goodreads: link.

Blurb: Thanks to a top-secret government agency, I don’t remember everything…but I know I can’t go back.

I thought I’d found the perfect place to hide. Wrong. Even though I’m deep undercover, she sees me. The real me. And she wants me.

I’d give anything to build a life with a woman like Lauren Hayes. But with rogue government agents hunting me down, I can’t risk getting her involved. Our lust—our love—needs to remain a secret.

Despite our precautions, the men who’ll have my hide now have Lauren in their sights. To keep us both alive, I’ve got to stay focused—and keep my mind off all the wicked, sexy things I’ve been doing with Lauren Hayes. There’s a price on my head, and I won’t let her be the one to pay it.

Previously published under a different title:Chemistry with Calvin.’

Length: 175 pages.

Series: Research and Desire #3.

Genre: Romance. Erotica.

Read as an: eBook.

My Thoughts: Third book into the Research and Desire series and I am still loving them! The spark between Calvin and Lauren in Carnal Chemistry is amazing. The two characters really hit it off and the ‘chemistry’ between them is both intense and heartwarming. Similar to Natural Selection, the pair have a lot of witty conversational back and forths, however where puns featured heavily in the second book, playful snark features in the third.

I absolutely loved the conversations between the pair, in particular the ones that featured Albatross, and calling Calvin, Daddy. Seriously, out of context that can be construed as a kinky feature but it’s not… it really isn’t. The good natured humour and gentle teasing of Lauren mixes so well with self admitted asshole, Calvin. For me, the pair really hit it off and I enjoyed seeing their story and relationship develop.

In addition to this banter, I really loved how Lauren didn’t take a back seat in this story. A number of times Lauren stepped up and had an active involvement in the action of the story. Carnal Chemistry doesn’t feature a story line where the female lead is saved repeatedly by the male main character; no Lauren often was in charge of rescuing Calvin. It was great seeing the pair looking after each other, the albatross conversation where the pair discussed this was brilliant and funny.

In regards to the larger plot of the series, there was a lot of revelations concerning backstory and information about the ‘enhancements’ the five male characters received. Carnal Chemistry ends on a little bit of a cliff hanger, and I am really looking forward to reading the last book of the series. I cannot wait to meet the remaining two characters and find out what happens to everyone.

Honestly I would really recommend giving these books a go, they are just so fun and entertaining!

Smut Level: So pretty much Katie Allen is now one of my all time favourites. I am looking into her whole back catalouge because, my word, she writes some good smut 😛 Not only are the scenes in Carnal Chemistry sexy, but they are emotional, they are real, they keep you in the moment, and they are never boring.

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