Comfort Zone Challenge: Get Out (2017)

Comfort Zone Challenge - Get Out

Almost Over!

I was naughty and didn’t post last month, the main reason why was because I really struggled with this (and last months) challenge. I failed the first time so I figured I would give myself another month to try… I failed again.



Get Out (2017) by Jordan Peele.

I really enjoy Peele’s previous work, admittedly his previous stuff is comedy, so I really wanted to watch Get Out and see the film that everyone is loving. The film, while not a traditional hack and slash horror film, is more of a thriller/mystery. I thought this might be easier for me to watch, was I so wrong!


I couldn’t do it! I felt so off put and uncomfortable and wrong! I know it’s a horror film but the added racial issues involved just had my heart pounding about what was going to happen. I couldn’t finish the film.


Nope. I completely failed this one. I tried to watch the movie twice but couldn’t make it very far in, I was just getting way too anxious about what was happening. I really thought by picking this film as my horror selection, I would be able to cope but I was SO wrong!


I was not expecting my reaction, I don’t like being scared but this horror film gave me such an emotional reaction. My heart was pounding and I was getting cold sweats just thinking about what was going to happen in the movie.

Even though I gave myself two attempts to make it through the movie, I had to use my free pass. I definitely pushed myself past my comfort zone and can 100% say that anything horror still freaks me out!

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