Quick Picks: Book Series I Abandoned


The relationship between myself and book series is a strained one. While I won’t shy away from series, as a rule I don’t really like reading them unless they are really close to completion. I simply do not have the patience nor the desire to re-read the earlier books.

I am very aware that I should be more supportive of authors and their series, because if we don’t support the start of a series, then we are less likely to the end of the series. So yes, I will read first parts of series, I just might not do it if you’re super mega popular as I will make myself wait. A Song of Fire and Ice, I am looking at you.


Green Rider Series

by Kristen Britain.

Goodreads ||  Author

Quick story run down: The Green Rider series, follows the story of Karigan G’ladheon as she joins and adventures as part of a group of  royal messengers, the Green Riders.

I found the first book, Green Rider, in a $2 bin at my local Golo back when I was a teenager. From the very first chapter, I fell in love. There was something about the book that captured my attention and I devoured the rest of the series.

Quick reasons why I stopped reading:

  • The length in between books: The first book was published in 1998 and the sixth book was published in 2017. 19 years. It has taken 19 years for six books to be released and the latest book, isn’t even the last!

I don’t want to be that person but ain’t nobody got time for that. I got sick of waiting for the next books and to be honest by the time the books came out I had completely forgotten all the plots of the previous books.


Stephanie Plum Series

by Janet Evanovich.

Goodreads ||  Author

Quick story run down: The first books of the Stephanie Plum series, deal with Stephanie’s journey in becoming and struggling with being a bounty hunter.

I found the first book of the series in a huge crate my auntie had of just her mystery/crime novels. I of course pinched the book from her and read and loved the books.

Quick reasons why I stopped reading:

  • 25 Books: There are 25 books in the series. I stopped at 8. I really don’t want to hate on the series but there are only so many times you can tell the same story before it gets old.
  • Jumping Romances: I believe the 8th book is when Stephanie stops being with the main romantic interest. There had been a back and forth between her and another character throughout and I really didn’t enjoy it when the main relationship stopped.

I am aware that this is a personal preference and I know a lot of longer series will do this and honestly that is fine, a woman can have as many sexual partners as she wants! I just felt that this was the point where it became a moment of doing something simply to have a plot. So after 8 books, I jumped ship and since then have watched 17 more books come out.


Obernewtyn Chronicles

by Isobelle Carmody.

Goodreads ||  Author

Quick story run down: Set in a post-apocalyptic nuclear holocaust, Elspeth Gordie sets out on a journey to destroy weapons to protect the world from another disaster.

Quick reasons why I stopped reading: :

  • Length between books: I waited nine years for the fourth book. Nine. Years. As a teenager, who started reading the series at age 13, the wait saw enough time pass for me to become an adult. There is only so long between books that I will wait and apparently nine years is the lucky number.
  • George R.R. Martin syndrome: Caromdy, like Martin, published a range of other books over the course of her Obernewtyn series. As I said before nine years is a long time to not only remember the plot of a series but a lot of time to maintain an interest. Disinterest from the author = disinterest from me.

Honourable mentions:

⇒ I simply lost interest in the series.

⇒ The themes and plot lines seemed to get a bit repetitive.

⇒ I started out loving Lestat but ended up putting the fourth book down half way because I wasn’t enjoying the story very much.

⇒ I feel like this suffered the same fate as the Stephanie Plum series – repetitive story lines, jumping relationships, and too many books.

Let me know if there is a book series you have abandoned. I would love to know what and why, you felt the need to stop reading 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Quick Picks: Book Series I Abandoned

  1. The wait between books is such a big reason for me to drop a series. I prefer to start a series if I know all or most of it is already published, with the exception of a few authors like Brandon Sanderson who somehow manage to churn out quality books like it’s nothing.

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    1. Oh 100%, I don’t have the patience or memory to wait too long for books. I am waiting Marissa Meyer’s new series Renegades to be finished before jumping in and reading it.

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  2. “There are only so many times you can tell the same story before it gets old.” This is why those crime series with the same detectives but slightly different stories annoy me. Except Charlie Parker, I will read those because it’s John Connolly and they’re good :P. I am (im)patiently waiting for the 8th Thursday Next book by Jasper Fforde since 2013 so I can only hope he gets to it soon.

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    1. Omgosh yes! Those churned-out same-story crime/mysteries :O I really hate re-reading the same predictable story lines, even worse when they’re all in the same series.

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