Nope Tropes

In this blog I have previously talked about Nope Tropes*.

I define Nope Tropes are being things that make your shy away or stop interacting with something. Most of the time these somethings will be movies, books, TV shows, music, podcasts, or anything that you interact with on a entertainment level.

Nope tropes can be all sorts of things. They can be:

spongebob nope

  • Story telling devices.
  • Character archetypes.
  • Character traits.
  • Plot devices.
  • Stereotypes.
  • Quotes, references, or writing styles.

Honestly they could be pretty much anything.

My two Nope Tropes are:

  • Second person. Are soon as I see, you, you’re, or your used as a way to address the reader, I am done. No thanks. Bye.

I am sure that there are novels out there that have successfully used the POV in amazing ways, but they’re just not for me. I like to read a story and experience it as it happens, not be told how it happens. I am not your audience, I am a reader. I suppose it is a more literal interpretation of the ‘show don’t tell’ adage but I seriously cannot stand seeing it used.

  • Cheating characters in romance novels. If I am reading a romance novel and the character has sex with another character that isn’t the other romantic interest, I am done. 100%. Done.

Whenever I encounter a romance novel that does have a character cheat I immediately start to feel anxious and sick. I am sure this is a visceral reaction, whether in response to my intense abhorrence of infidelity or my stubborn wish to stay true to romantic tropes and story lines.

However, I wish to make the distinction between cheating and ‘non-traditional’ romance novels. It is a completely different story if the novel is one that features a polyamorous relationship or if a couple have sex with other people together. I am 100% okay with different sexualities and relationship types being represented in romance novels.

When I encounter the above two things in books, there is the almost guaranteed outcome of me putting the item down. I simply stop interacting with it. I am done.

After the post where I first talked about this Nope Trope, I kept thinking about how things can affect people as they interact with narratives. I know when I encounter one of my Nope Tropes, its an almost instantaneous nope, I’m finished with this item. Done.

However, there are usually other emotions associated with this, I sometimes feel sick, anxious, or just angry when I encounter these two tropes. I am sure that my nope tropes have a deeper emotional reason for making me react the way I do. Which had me thinking, do other people have feelings similar to this?

Do other people have such visceral reactions to certain happenings?


What are your Nope Tropes?

Can you think of why they affect you so much?

Let me know 🙂

*©™Patent Pending 😛

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5 thoughts on “Nope Tropes

  1. The ones I hate are your three days romances. Where they’ve known each other a few days but are so in love already. But I agree on the cheating, especially after there’s been a big argument and one of them storms off and is at a bar/friends house/field who knows and just can’t help themselves with their anger and passion and “it didn’t mean anything”. Cheating as a response to anger is my major Nope Trope.

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    1. Oh the insta-love trope, I am not a fan of that either :/ It kinda just makes me discredit and roll my eyes at the main couple if it’s insta-love.

      And yes! It is such a huge thing in ‘literature’ books. You have that as the main drama and I just don’t enjoy it at all!


  2. For me the “I’m going to randomly f*** someone when I’m about to date my true love and royally screw everything up before we even date” gets me so angry. It’s super popular in hetro and fanfiction. All that build up to f*** it up. I have thrown books or closed tabs in rage and I hate the ever so popular trend of someone is so in love they only communicate it through really harsh emotional abuse then burst out into angsty confession tears suddenly date and fall happily ever after in love despite all the abuse… I think that’s more a fanfiction trend but I hate it with a passion.

    I am a sucker for instant love stories if it’s rife with comedic drama and cute, otherwise it’s boring. But I also kinda hate an extremely long gets together in the last chapter and ends on, we are so happy now. I want to see the aftermath from all that build up.

    I fully agree with the cheating and trying to justify it. And I am really tired of “Beta beats Alpha.” Romances. When I was younger I enjoyed it but to me now it’s overkill, simple Beta rescues ultra babe. Over it.


    1. I agree, seeing a hook up before a character starts a meaningful relationship is kind off putting. Really makes me not want to continue a story, when I start a romance I do expect an emotional connection between characters, not ‘I met the person I’m going to date’ I’ll just go sleep with other people before we get serious.

      Also 100% agree with you, emotional abuse and trickery is not love. It’s an unhealthy trend in some books 😦

      And haha yes, I agree with you again! Half the fun in romance stories is after people get together. Seeing a pair interact and get used to each other is so satisfying ❤

      I am very glad someone else shares the same feelings as me. I sometimes feel like I am overreacting when I want to stop reading a book because of these things but at the end of the day, I read to make myself happy so why should I slog through a book that I hate 🙂

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      1. Exactly! I am with you 100% there! I understand how you feel. I feel almost guilty like “I should give it a chance” but when I do I regret it because either I hated it and end up upset or I feel like I wasted my own time.


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