Magic Kingdom To Do List

In the next few months I’m making my way to Florida and will be checking out Disney World! Needless to say I am incredibly excited. In preparation for my trip, I have been researching like mad and have been making an insane amount of lists. Since all this research has made me incredibly excited, I thought I would share some of the things I am most looking forward to, park by park.

For all the people who have visited Disney World before, feel free to let me know if I have missed anything or if there are things I absolutely must do 😀

The below are some of the things that I have put on my to do list for Magic Kingdom in Disney World.


The Haunted Mansion

I should probably start off by saying I am not a thrill ride person, as soon as I hit any G-force, I feel sick.

Violently so…

So with this in mind, most of my Disney experiences will be ones that shy away from the big thrill rides, which is why I am looking forward to the Haunted Mansion so much!

Over 10 years ago I made my way over to Anaheim’s Disneyland and fell in love with the ride there. So being able to revisit and share the experience with my friends and partner is an exciting one.

UPDATE: Really enjoyed this ride, was just as fun and kitsch as I remembered it.


Be Our Guest Restaurant

I almost missed out on a reservation for the three course ‘Be Our Guest’ dinner! I was incredibly lucky though, and have secured my spot during a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party event.

When I first checked out the restaurant, I was blown away by the decor! So much effort has gone into encapsulating the films setting, and I cannot wait to have a sit down fancy meal there. The castle and restaurant itself looks amazing and I cannot wait to try the grey stuff! I hear it’s delicious 😛

UPDATE: Tried the grey stuff – it was delicious. The Xmas event was in full swing when we had dinner here and it was so fabulous. The food was amazing and the ballroom where we ate was so detailed and had a great atmosphere.

mickey ears

Mickey Ear Headband

When we arrive and check into our hotel, Magic Kingdom is going to be our first stop. So pretty much my very first thing I want to do is walk down Main Street USA and buy some Mickey Ears! I have already been scoping out the ones available online and cannot wait to choice some while in the park!

UPDATE: First purchase at Disney World was a set of rainbow ears.


“it’s a small world”

When I was in Disneyland many years ago, I missed out on going on this ride and have forever regretted it. To be fair though, unbeknownst to me I made the Disney trip during the peak of Spring Break and every line was insane. So with this trip, I am very making “it’s a small world” a priority.

UPDATE: Done. Checked off the list and never again 😋 It is a very slow ride and while it was iconic, I wouldn’t recommend it.


The Shopping

I’m not going to lie to you, I am really looking forward to all the Disney merchandise that I will be bringing home. I may have a completely separate spending budget for Disney to my other sending money because I just know I may go a little nuts. I literally have a list of things that I am giving myself permission to buy.

UPDATE: I went nuts – it was great ❤

For all you lovely people who have been to Disney World, do you have any suggestions, hints, or tips for me? I would love to hear what you have to say 🙂

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