Quick Picks: Childhood Favourites


There have been so many books over the years that have left a mark. I was always an avid reader but it was in early high school that I truly became hooked. The below are just a few of the ones that have stayed favourites over the years.

Howl’s Moving Castle

by Diana Wynne Jones

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Quick story run down: Sophie finds herself under a spell that transforms her into an old woman. Seeking a way to break the spell, Sophie tracks down the castle of the wizard Howl.

While at the castle she not only looks after the wizard and the castle occupants, but she begins to learn more about herself. Howl’s Moving Castle is a story of magic, mayhem, high fantasy hi-jinks.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • The Cover: Just look at that cover, how could you pick up this book and not read it?! For a while, the entirety of Jones’ books were released with covers like these and they were beautiful! I have made it my mission to complete my Chrestomanci collection with these covers.
  • Howl: The character of Howl just flew off the pages and made me fall in love. The interactions with him and Sophie also made my heart melt, and the book has remained on my favourite list ever since I finished it.


Alanna: The First Adventure

by Tamora Pierce

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Quick story run down: Alanna wants to be a knight and her gender won’t get in the way of her getting what she wants. With this, the adventure starts with Alanna switching places with her twin brother and beginning her training as a page.

The story is filled with Alanna’s struggles as she tries to not only master swords and skills for battle, but to keep her secret hidden.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • Life changing: This book was a real turning point for me. I found it in my school library with a horrible cover but gave it a chance since the story sounded okay. After that night where I devoured the book, I was a confirmed reader. Previous to this I would read casually, without really straying far from my Sabrina Secrets books 😛 This book made me a reader, made me believe in myself, and made me a stronger woman. If Alanna could do it, so could I.
  • The genre: the world building and setting of swords and sorcery, made me fall in love with the fantasy genre. Soon after I finished reading the Song of the Lioness series (I remember the gruelling wait for the fourth book to come out) I was off reading other gems of the genre (Anne Bishop, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Tolkien, Isobelle Carmody, and Kristen Britain).


Artemis Fowl

by Eoin Colfer

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Quick story run down: Artemis Fowl is twelve years old and ready to take over the world. Already a genius, incredibly wealthy, and a criminal mastermind, Artemis starts off the book with a plan to kidnap a fairy.

Accompanied by his ever trustworthy Butler, Artemis attempts to hold fairy, police officer, Captain Holly Black for ransom.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • The Cover: Once again, look at that glittery and gorgeous cover. Young me couldn’t help but be drawn to the book.
  • The pace: The book begins and then has you quickly turning each page in a rush to find out what happens.
  • The characters: Artemis is a big draw, he is always one step ahead and it is so fun watching him interact with Holly.


by Garth Nix

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Quick story run down: Sabriel has lived away from the Magic of the Old Kingdom, however her father, the Abhorson, has gone missing. In order to find him, Sabriel must venture into the Old Kingdom and attempt to bring him back.

Battling the dead that refuse to stay dead, a larger evil, and her own destiny, Sabriel has to step up and attempt to save the Old Kingdom.

Quick reasons why I love the book:

  • The atmosphere: I remember Sabriel feeling a lot more gritty and more real than the other fantasy books I was reading at the time. I think that may have to do with the fact that Sabriel herself is a tough character and the punches aren’t pulled in the story.
  • The World: I remember being captivated by the world of the Old Kingdom, the wall, the monsters, the lore, and the bells all combine to create such a well rounded and believable landscape.

When I started this list, I didn’t realise how much I was influenced by fantasy. Looking at how each book is from the fantasy genre, I guess I can say that it is definitely one of my favourite genres.

Also all covers featured above are the ones that I read the books with, so I may have aged myself with the choices 😛

What would you add to your list?  Let me know 🙂

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