My Favourite Queer Musicians


It seems trite to say that I’m a big fan of music, but I’m going to go ahead and say that I am a big fan of music 😛 I’m well versed in music theory, music making, I can play over five instruments, and I have music-listening-to down to a science!

It wasn’t until I was going through my most played playlists that I realised just how much I actively listen to queer music. I’m incredibly happy at the fact that I give almost as much time to my queer singers as my favourite hetero ones.

The below are just some of my favourite queer singers who are out there representing. I hope you enjoy the list and give some of these musicians a listen 🙂

Years & Years


Showcasing the melismatic vocals of Olly Alexander, London’s Years & Years artfully combine ’80s-style ambient synth pop with funky electronic beats. The group came together in 2010 in London when multi-instrumentalists/producers Michael Goldsworthy and Emre Türkman met online while looking to start a band. They eventually added vocalist and actor Alexander after hearing him singing at a friend’s house while taking a shower. 

-Taken from Spotify.

I have the Communion album from Years and Years, pretty much on repeat. I am a big fan of not only the music, the lyrics, but also the ways in which the band represent themselves. Lead singer Olly Alexander has been quite vocal in his support for a number of QUILTBAG issues, and honestly its hard not to love the bands music.

It has been a long couple of years since the debut album but with the release of new singles, Sancify and If You’re Over Me, the newest album Palo Santo is just around the corner.

Take Shelter GIF by Years & Years-source

Janelle Monae

Beautiful cover art for Dirty Computer.

Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and actor Janelle Monáe left her mark on 2010s R&B with an energized retro-futuristic sound wrapped in theatrical science fiction concepts. 

-Taken from Spotify.

If you don’t know that I am a fan of Janelle Monae, then you probably have never looked at my twitter feed or music posts. I have been with Monae since her first studio album and my love has not abated.

Monae has just released her latest album, Dirty Computer and it is amazing! You should watch her two beautifully on point films clips for ‘Make Me Feel‘ and ‘Pynk,’ and jump on board her band wagon. Also if you have a spare 45 minutes, give her feature emotion picture, Dirty Computer a watch!

Pynk GIF by Janelle Monáe-downsized_large

Perfume Genius


Perfume Genius is the project of singer/songwriter Mike Hadreas, whose music spans fragile piano ballads and swaggering glam rock as he explores subjects such as sexuality, homophobia, and domestic abuse with brutal and often poetic honesty.

-Taken from Spotify.

Perfume Genius is someone who I think deserves WAAAAAY more credit and popularity than they currently receive. I don’t want to push it too much, but the name is no misnomer, Perfume Genius is genius. No Shape, the latest album, is one that I can pop on and listen to any time.

Honestly if you listen to only one musician in this list, I would really love for it to be Perfume Genius. Give the below video a watch and try to not fall in love. If you like what you see, don’t forget to spread the Perfume Genius love ❤

Troye Sivan


Australia-based singer and actor Troye Sivan makes lyrical ambient electronic dance-pop. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1995, Sivan moved to Perth, Australia with his family when he was two years old. 

-Taken from Spotify.

I have been a fan of Troye Sivan since his album Blue Neighbourhood, however his new singles My, My, My and Bloom have me really excited. Lyrically Sivan’s music is interesting and emotional, and just a bit on the subtly raunchy side (Bloom I am looking at you). If you have some time, you should definitely check out the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy that was made for his three songs, Wild, Fool, and Talk Me Down. It’s not like they’re emotionally devastating or anything 😛

The new, edgier (rolls eyes at our cliche word choice) sound and in your face representation (another eye roll) have me very interested. I am looking forward to listening to the rest of Sivan’s new work and really think you should check him out.

My My My! GIF by Troye Sivan-source



At only 23 years old, MNEK has already clocked up an astonishing ten years in the business, having signed a publishing deal aged just 14…The list of people he’s written and produced for along the way is hard to quantify – Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Madonna, Diplo, MØ, Zara Larsson, Rudimental, Julia Michaels and Stormzy to name but a few. Now is the time for MNEK to take centre stage, with ‘Tongue’ and his forthcoming debut solo album due for release later this year, 2018 sees the further ascent of a talent whose focus is now firmly on his career as the UK’s most essential popstar.

-Taken from Spotify.

2018 really is off to an amazing start with all this new music! I am been patiently waiting for MNEK to release a solo album and lo, 2018 has delivered. MNEK has colaborated with a lot of artists, and all of them are gold! Pretty much every song that MNEK has released gets a regular listen to from me, and I am somewhat obsessed with his newest single Tongue and Colour.

I guarantee is you listen to any of the work that MNEK sings on or helped produce, you will be bopping along and obsessively listening to in no time. Watch the clip below and try not to fall in love ❤

Notable mentions:

Le1f – Le1f  has recently released a EP, his music is amazing and I cannot wait for more!

Christine and the Queens – You may have heard of Tilted or Christine, if you enjoyed them, the rest of this French woman’s album is great!

Queen – I mean it’s almost a crime not to include Queen. Freddie Mercury was not only a musical genius but a huge representative of the QUILTBAG community.

St. Vincent – St. Vincent and I share very similar personal beliefs on sexuality, so not only do I enjoy that but her music is noice!

Hopefully you enjoyed the list and have given some new musicians a try 🙂 Also I am very aware of the lack of queer women in my list, I do have other women favourites but the above five are my standouts who get the most listens.

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