Anticipated Arrival: Mell Eight’s The Dragon’s Hoard


Anticpated arrivals

dragonshoardWhat is it?!

The Dragon’s Hoard is a book that contains the five stories from the series of the same name by Mell Eight. The book includes the stores Finding the Wolf, Breaking the Shackles, Stealing the Dragon, Melting the Ice Witch, and Gathering the Hoard. Each story is a fantastical tale that tells the stories of different dragons and how they fall in love.

It has been a while since I read the stories, so the below descriptions are the blurbs for each story.

First bookFinding the Wolf
When Prince Leon disappears, his people turn to the dragons for help. Nyle is the unlucky dragon tasked with finding Leon, a duty he dreads as it forces him into the confounding human world and far away from his collection of pretties.

Second Book – Breaking the Shackles
Separated and abused by the magi, twins Laine and Baine each swore to do whatever it took to break free and save the other. But when Baine arrives at the werewolf village prepared to rescue Laine and return home triumphant, he soon learns that any plan involving a dragon and a werewolf is bound to go awry.

Third Book Stealing the Dragon
Stealing from a dragon’s hoard is never a bright idea, but stealing from a baby dragon’s hoard can lead to tears, sniffles, and smoke in the middle of a busy marketplace.

Fourth Book Melting the Ice Witch
The Tribe of the White Dragon has lived in the frozen wastes of the north for thousands of years, slowly dying without their dragon to protect them from the inhospitable cold. In desperation they kidnap Kam, hoping to use him to breed witch power back into the Tribe. But Kam is not a witch and there is nothing he can do to save them—until he sees the white dragon encased in ice and all alone.

Fifth Book Gathering the Hoard
A collection of short tales about bored dragons and the trouble they can find, the fears of time and aging, painful memories of terrible times, sweet moments with good friends, and more…

When is it coming out?!

It’s already out – I’m just excitedly waiting for my copy to get here!

Why do you want it?!

I’ve read most of the Dragon’s Hoards books before, and I remember really enjoying them. I was a little late in realising that The Dragon’s Hoard compiled book had been re-released to include the fifth book. I was so excited to see that there was a paperback version that had all the stories. I cannot wait to re-read them!

Why does everyone else need it?!

Everyone else needs to know because Less than Three Press publish amazing works of LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) fiction. If you’re new to the genre or subject matter, I really encourage you to check out the publisher as they are always respectful of their characters and the sexualities they represent.

And if you’re an old hand at the genre, then you need this because Mell Eight is always an entertaining read. If you’re a fan of romance, fantasy, and sexy dragons falling in love, then you need The Dragon’s Hoard.


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