DeadEndia: The Complete Season One by Hamish Steele

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deadendiaDeadEndia: The Complete Season One

by Hamish Steele.

Format: Paperback.

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Six Word Summary: A Fun and Spooky Queer Ride!

Blurb: Barney needs a job and a place to live. So he takes up his best friend’s offer and becomes the janitor of a haunted house attraction at Winslow’s Wonderland. Only thing is, the horrors don’t stop when the work day’s done.

Along with his friend Norma and talking dog Pugsley, the gang battle demonic party poopers, creepy therapists and even scarier love lives.

Created by Hamish Steele, author of Pantheon and based on his animated short for Cartoon Hangover, this book collects the first season of the popular webcomic that has been praised for its honesty, diversity and story telling.

My Thoughts: I funded this on Kickstarter and have finally gotten around to reading it. Having finished it though, I am absolutely kicking myself for not reading it sooner! DeadEndia is amazing, the art, humour, and story telling combine to create a spookily cute adventure story.

The character of Barney brought a lot of emotional depth to the story, as it is over the course of the 200 page book, that you are given small insights into his life. I grew to love the awkward character and really started to feel for him over the course of the book. This is in part because of the slow way in which you learn about Barney, you are introduced to the character, take him at face value and then learn about his past and his pain. The same can be said for Norma, her characters traits are slowly revealed to be more than just sullenness and antisocial.

I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed the romance featured in the story. Logan or ‘Logs’ was a nice character, who once again, over the course of small moments revealed more about themselves. The date scene between Barney and Logs, was sweet, awkward, and one of my favourite parts of the book.

Without going into too much detail and revealing spoilers, DeadEndia takes you on a slow emotional ride. The ending, which once again nooo spoilers, saw me wipe away some tears. Steele has created not only an engaging story,  beautiful multifaceted characters, but the art in DeadEndia matches the cuteness of the story.  Coupled with the humour, DeadEndia had me smiling sweetly the whole time I was reading.

The DeadEndia Cast by Hamish Steele

Best Bits: I just loved how the story featured QUILTBAG characters but the focus of the story wasn’t on their sexualities – rather the focus was on the story. Also shout out to the multicultural cast which is once again included effortlessly.

Recommendations: I’d recommend this for anyone who is a fan of funny graphic novels. The fact that the story features QUILTBAG characters is just a plus side note 🙂

Also good news! If you want to give this book a read, or if you have devoured the web-comic and need to have a physical copy, you can now purchase one! It looks like the art has been reworked and it looks good, I would really recommend giving this book a go!

Also Also, do yourself a favour and find a copy of pantheon by Hamish Steele. It. Is. Hilarious!

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