Comfort Zone Challenge: Red Wine


Comfort Zone Challenge - Music and wine

I’m going to start off by saying that I like wine. I like wine. However, I like my wine sweet and white. I tend to favour Moscato or sweet sparkling wines. Do not give me any of these bitter, dry, or crisp wines. Sweet and bubbly all the way.

Which is why, I thought I would try something different, something I turn my nose up at, but admittedly not continued to taste: Red wine.


Rouge-Lisse-600x400Rouge Lisse by Peterson House.

Okay so sue me, I didn’t branch out too much. The wine itself is sparkling. It is an experimental blend of Merlot and Muscat. It is even described as ‘like a bag of musk sticks straight from the lolly counter.’

I figured why not try something that you have a chance of liking, rather than wasting money on something disgusting 😛


Okay so I enjoyed this wine. I had a different taste than what I was used to, more a deep… robust flavour? I do believe that this was the Merlot side of the wine. There wasn’t as much bubbles as a traditionally sparkling wine but it mixed really well with the depth and flavour of the wine, kept it really light on the palette.

However, at the start of my second glass of this wine, I really began to feel the thickness of the liquid. The thickness, what I usually associate with red wine and part of my dislike of the type of wine, really started to affect my enjoyment. By the end of the second glass, I could really taste the overpowering flavour of the Merlot.


I probably won’t buy this wine again, I was a nice experience but not something I would ever pick if there was another Moscato or sparkling beverage available. I do believe it was a success though because the challenge got me drinking a bottle of red wine and I didn’t hate the whole experience.


In the future, if I go to other tastings, I may start trying the reds available, just to see if my palette has changed. While the challenge of trying a red wine hasn’t resulted in a life changing epiphany, it certainly has opened my eyes to the possibilities of my enjoying red wine in the future – rather than my previous blind hatred of the drink 😛

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