Small Snippet of May 2018

Small Snippet

What with my busy schedule of poetry themed posts, I decided to skip my Small Snippet post for April. I feel that you guys weren’t denied anything as I almost tripled the amount of normal posts I do a month. Just in case you were going through withdrawals, here is a small snippet of some of the things I have been interacting with in May.

bookofmormonBook of Mormon

For my seventh anniversary with my partner, we treated ourselves to a ticket to the musical Book of Mormon. I should probably start off by saying that I am a huge fan of not only South Park but Avenue Q, and to have the creators of both of these combine to make something, was a dream come true.

The musical was amazing! I loved it! I was familiar with the songs of the show but I didn’t know the plot so all the small details were a lovely surprise. A lovely General Butfucking Naked surprise.

Lego Creator – Changing Seasons

It’s been so long since I posted a picture and update on my Lego creations, so here we go! I have a massive weakness for the 3-in-1 Lego creators that feature houses. I literally want all of them but that is ridiculous and I already have too many because, come on, its Lego 😛

img_3518I digress, the picture is from the ‘Changing Seasons’ 31038 pack and that is the final more complicated build. I love the Changing Seasons pack because each build is so different, as you guessed from the name, you have houses that feature the seasons Winter, Autumn, and Summer/Spring.

Whatever your feelings on Lego, whenever I sit down and make one of these beauties it is usually a mix of relaxation and stress. The light kind of stress though, as I search for the correct pieces, not the bad type 😛 Hopefully you’ll see more of these builds in the future.

secretAnother Surprise Month

Similar to April, I have big plans for June. Big! Well to be completely honest, not as big as April as that month took a lot out of me 😛 But still, if you’re in the know you might once again be able to guess what I have lined up for you all but if not, watch this space 😀

Small Snippet comment

2 thoughts on “Small Snippet of May 2018

  1. Glad to hear Book of Mormon was so good. I’m going soon and am so excited. I’m familiar with some of the songs, but I’ve been trying to limit how many I listen to before the show so I go in not knowing too much of the plot. That’s so hard with musicals, I’ve been coming across new ones and then before I know it I’m listening to all the songs.


    1. It was so good and so funny! And yes, it’s so hard to not find out information about the songs or the story. It is great going in and having it all new though 🙂


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