Comfort Zone Challenge: Audio Book

Comfort Zone Challenge - music

I am going to start off my saying that I have kind of cheated in the first month of my Comfort Zone Blogger Challenge. For my music selection I decided that I was going to go outside my comfort zone and try an audio-book – emphasis on the audio 😛 . As opposed to a theme or topic, I decided to mix it up (on my first month 😛 ) and mess with the media format.


lovepoemsSticking with the (Inter)National Poetry Month, I chose to listen to the audio book Love Poems by Pablo Neruda which is narrated by Armando Durán.


While not necessarily something that strenuously pushes my comfort zone, I have struggled with audio books for years. I have trouble paying attention to the narrative of the story and often find myself staring off into space, thinking about something else. I figured I’d give them another go and challenge myself.

I think choosing a poetry book was a good idea as I still struggled with maintaining my attention to the spoken words. Where with normal books, I can pause and absorb a sentence or idea, the audio continues on without me.


I’m not going to lie, I struggled with the audio book.

As the poems of Neruda that were featured are quite short, the chapters of the audio book were very quick – I feel that this is the only reason I managed to finish the audio book. If I had had to listen to longer chapters I would have just zoned out and missed so much plot.

The audio books length is only 30 minutes and I dedicated a good three weeks of my life to it. I found that the only place I could truly absorb the meaning and impact of the poetry was when I was brushing my teeth – and even then I had to often replay a lot of poems. I will say that Durán was amazing, he gave such passion to Neruda’s poems.


Despite my troubles I am still glad that I gave audio books another chance. While I haven’t had a life changing revelation as a result of myself challenging my comfort zone, I still feel like I hit a personal realisation and victory…

…even if it’s that I still lack the attention span to have a story read to me 😛

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