Five Poems That Changed My Life: Day 5

(Inter)national Poetry Month

Last day!

The last poem is one that has gotten me through some tough times – Emily Dickinson’s Hope. Hope is a classic and is a metaphorical comment on the nature of hope. If you have never heard of Emily Dickinson, then you need to click the above link, hell even this link, and read as many poems as you can.

Dickinson has her own style and tackles some very weighty issues. I am in love with her, once again, morbid style. There is a focus on death, the self, and love in her work and coupled with her witty observations she creates truly inspired poems. I ‘hope’ 😉 you enjoy the below poem, Hope.


I love that Dickinson personifies hope as a bird that perches within a person. For me, the first time I read this poem, it all just made sense. For me, hope is something that swells within me, something light and bright and beautiful. The comparison between this feeling and a bird flapping its wings and singing within me, is something deeply touching.

The message of the poem, of the resilient nature of the little bird, is one that has the power to speak to people, to offer knowledge and, indeed hope. Whenever I am feeling  down or like there is nothing going my way, I think of this poem.The uplifting nature of the poem is how it has changed my life, in tough times I turn to the poem, I re-read it, I use it to bolster my strength,  and the poem gives me the strength to make it through. Hope is a continuing source of strength for me and even though it was written almost 130 years ago, Dickinson’s words speak to me and it still continues to change my life.

The mental image of my own little birdie perching in my soul, is one that not only helps in tough times but one that makes me happy – surely this is the true power of poetry.

I hope 😉 that over this week you have enjoyed the five poems I have shared with you. If anything I hope that you’ve clicked some links and read some additional poems. Who knows, maybe the poems have changed your life.

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