Small Snippet of March 2018

Small Snippet(1)

the_joel_mchale_show_tv_series-622119572-largeThe Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale

Joel McHale, best known for his role in Community, heads back to his roots and hosts a weekly commentary show. The McHale Show offers humourous commentary on the news, social media, reality television, and as a new feature Netflix shows. Similar to his old show, The Soup, McHale delivers jokes, sketches, and even feuds with other shows.

The Soup was a show I watched every week and I was so sad when it came to an end, so the return of Joel McHale to a similar show is great news! I am loving the return of the show and Netflix seems to have given the writers and McHale more freedom.  If you have a chance, you should check out an episode of the show. It’s always good to watch the episodes as soon as you can, they tend to be more relevant that way.

sanctify_years_years_090318Sanctify‘ by Years and Years.

I am a big fan of Years and Years and their album Communion has been a staple of my music listening diet for the last two years. I am incredibly excited for the bands second  album as the first single has me impressed!

The film clip of ‘Sanctify’ seems to suggest a bigger story at play – with the a dystopic style future of androids and humans being played out. The film clip itself is amazing, it has such an interesting concept and coupled with Olly Alexander’s dancing it is great to watch. The song itself is catchy and poppy, and I haven’t been able to stop playing ‘Sanctify’ and Janelle Monae’s two new songs.

secretUpcoming feature month

I’ve been working on a secret upcoming feature that will be debuted on the 1st of April. The feature is a month long theme that will have a range of different posts about the concept. If you’re in the know about what certain months mean and what are celebrated in the (hint) literary world, then you may be able to guess what April has in store for you.

I’m really excited about next month and I hope you all enjoy the focused content that I will be delivering. While I may try and fit in a Currently Consuming or Anticipated Arrival post that fits the theme, I have a bunch of my normal posts waiting and ready to go for the month after. So keep your eyes peeled and I hope you enjoy Aprils feature month.

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