Anticipated Arrival: Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer

Anticpated arrivals

What is it?!


Janelle Monáe has released two new songs from her upcoming third album, Dirty Computer. The songs are Make Me Feel and Django Jane and they are amazing!

Make Me Feel is so poppy and rhythmic and I cannot stop listening to it. The film clip that accompanies the song is beautiful. The song features Monáe flirting with a woman, with a man, and then with herself ❤

I won’t lie, when I first heard the song, I thought it was a Prince cover, after researching I was so shocked to find out its an original song. The song perfectly embodies Prince from the poppy rhythm to the guitar work – I think it is a lovely homage to the late mentor of Monáe. I am also a little bit obsessed with the vocal slides of the song and cannot stop myself from singing and dancing along!

Django Jane is a more beat and lyric heavy song. The subject matter is quite serious with Monáe standing up for herself, her gender, and her black girl magic, all the while commenting on racism and sexism. The film clip is as equally beautiful as Make Me Feel, and I am in love the synchronized movements and Monáe’s dancing.

I do not know what we did to deserve two new songs but I am so excited for Dirty Computer!

When is it coming out?!

27th of April 2017!!!

Why do you want it?!

It has been five years since her last album and I have been going through Monáe withdrawals!

Why does everyone else need it?!

If you haven’t seen Jannelle Monáe in Hidden Figures, or if you haven’t read about her Time’s Up speech at the 2018 Grammies, or if, even more horrifyingly, you haven’t heard any of her music, then you need to do yourself a favour and click any of the above links!

Janelle Monáe makes truly inspired music, she is an amazing lyricist, and the stories she tells through her albums will have you coming back for more!

Also shout out to the new ‘Anticipated Arrivals’ feature! It is new and hopefully you see more or it. I plan to use it for upcoming releases or for items that I have ordered and am eagerly waiting to receive.

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