Small Snippet of February 2018

Small Snippet feb

Aside from my Small Snippet of 2017, this is my first Small Snippet post that features a month in a little over a year and a half. Lots of things have happened in between and I have experienced a variety of different and interesting entertainments. However, starting off the year, my 2018 February has been a fun one.

Adultolescence-Gabbie-Hanna-free-ebookAdultolescence by Gabbie Hannah.

I will start off by saying that I have no idea who the author of this book is, only that they have a YouTube channel. So with absolutely no background information, I can say that I absolutely adore the poems in this book. They’re funny, modern, and sometimes insightful.

I have a weakness for poetry that blur the lines between humour and despair, and you will find plenty of it in this book. The content ranges from silly one sentence poems, such as her advice poems, to longer more emotional poems such as Web.

If you’re a fan of modern poetry that ignores punctuation and can be as silly as it is confronting, then I would 100% recommend tracking down this book!

Teen_titans_go_team_photo_by_imperial96-d6839mrTeen Titans Go!

Looking back on my blog history, it becomes quite obvious that I have a weakness for cartoons. Well, the cartoon flavour of the month for February is one that only recently became available on Netflix Australia. Teen Titans Go! is a Cartoon Network original based on the DC Comics team, Teen Titans.

The show is very funny and quite easy to watch for people who are not familiar with the past histories of the characters. If you’re looking for a quick, harmless, and humourous show, then give Teen Titans Go! a go.

simSims 4: Laundry Day Stuff

The fact that I was so excited when this Stuff Pack was announced, is a clear indicator that there is something wrong with my life. Regardless, I really enjoy the new content this pack brings to the game.

Sims can now do their own laundry, watch the dryer, watch the dryer catch fire, and most importantly, smell bad because they’ve been wearing the same clothes for a week. In addition to this, sims have the option of drying their clothes on a clothesline as well as hand washing.

I don’t want to look too closely about why I enjoy this stuff pack so much, but it does add a small layer to the game that (for me) justifies the cost. If you enjoy making digital people take part in meaningless menial labour, then Laundry Day is for you!

Small Snippet comment

8 thoughts on “Small Snippet of February 2018

  1. oh the Sims…
    I don’t actually think we own a copy of the game anymore, and I didn’t often get to play it when we did. But back then, I could spend hours and hours playing the Sims and totally not realise it at all!
    I might have to given Adultolescence by Gabbie Hannah a go. I knew about the youtube account (I recently stumbled across it by accident when she tried to follow a youtube make up tutorial and I found her hilarious. Prior to that, I remember seeing some of the bloggers and instagrams I follow post about how crazy her lines for her book signings were, but I never put two and two together until last month!

    p.s. I love these snippet posts, It gives me so many new things to try out across a variety of forms. Just like your comfort zone challenge … I’m contemplating picking that up atm, but not sure how well I’d go!


    1. Aside from The Sims 2, I have continued my addiction since the first game 😛 But yes, you can spend hours in front of the computer without realising it!

      And definitely, I *think* she had some of her poetry on the youtube page. I keep meaning to check it out but haven’t yet, but if you say its funny I will!

      And ooo! Doooo itttt! I’m really challenging myself to try and experience more things that I usually turn my nose up at. Who knows, just cus I hated it years ago doesn’t mean I still will. I’m doing a zombie week (which I am pretty sure I will still hate) but I’m also going to give audiobooks and westerns another go 🙂 Also red wine, because that counts and I can. Plus its an easy once a month post 🙂


      1. I haven’t watched a lot of the youtube, but I liked what I saw.
        I’m not a fan of zombies either. It’s never been something I could get in to. It makes me uncomfortable and uneasy big time.
        Good luck with red wine … you are a braver soul then I am. As for audiobooks, you need to find that right one that hooks you and you will be off.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m playing on PC. I saw that the PS4 has Sims 4! Is this how you play?

      Hopefully if they release expansion on the PS4, they’ll include some of the stuff packs with it. And haha for me, remembering to get the washing in off the line is what I struggle with XD


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