Small Snippet of 2017

Small Snippet 2017

It’s been a long time since I wrote one of these and in that time a lot of things have caught my attention. I thought I’d go easy on myself and stick to the three item format. So the below items have either been important throughout the year or are just vague enough for me to include.


Home Adventures with Tip and Oh

I have an, at times, very embarrassing obsession with cartoons. While I may enjoy watching the shows, I’m not always forthcoming with admitting it to people. However with Home Adventures with Tip and Oh, I will shout my love from the rooftops!


Based on the Dreamworks movie, Home, the show expands the story, characters, and universe of the movie. Do not judge the cartoon by the movie, where Home was somewhat vapid and uninspiring, Home Adventures with Tip and Oh is a humourous and sweet show.

I cannot talk more of how adorable the characters Tip and Oh are together, nor can I give the extended cast and story-lines as much kudos as they deserve. In addition to this sweetness and giggle overload, the show features a large number of songs which, fair warning, will get stuck in your head.

I encourage everyone to check out the below trailer and to add the show to their My List on Netflix. I dare you to not enjoy the cute silliness of the show. With the poppy songs and addictive catchphrases, you’ll no doubt be as hooked as I am – Daaaaaang!

Thor posterThor: Ragnarok

I was admittedly late coming to the Thor party, the Marvel movie series is not something I have been keeping up with but with the exception of the newly release Black Panther I am now up to date. I am, however, a huge fan of big budget science fiction films and Thor: Ragnarok is that and more!

I fell in love with the humour, the colours, the 80’s soundtrack, and pretty much everything with this film. Twenty minutes in and I knew that this was now in my top movies of all time list. For those that do not know, Thor Ragnarok follows Thor (God of Thunder) as he fights to both free himself from imprisonment and save his home world.

The plot, the more relaxed characters, and the aesthetics combine to make a stunning and entertaining movie. The director, who gave us Boy, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and What We Do in the Shadows (all movies you should watch by the way) is a breath of fresh air to the Marvel series, and had me smiling all through the film.

If you haven’t seen Thor: Ragnarok you need to do so immediately. Knowledge of the larger Marvel universe or even the other Thor movies may be helpful but not necessary. Thor: Ragnarok can be enjoyed as part of the series, as a stand alone, or as a staple for any sci-fi fan.

sagaSaga by Brian K. Vaughan (writer) and Fiona Staples (artist)

Saga is an amazing science fiction, graphic novel series Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples that explores the concepts of love, death, war, and peace. The story follows a pair of star-crossed lovers, Alana and Marko, as they run from both sides of the warring universe.

In the beginning the story is somewhat reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, however as the pair struggle to stay one step ahead of their enemies and raise their daughter, Hazel, the graphic novels explore issues surrounding ethnicity, hate, sexuality, gender, violence, and war. The storytelling coupled with the beautiful art by Fiona Staples combine to create a moving narrative that tugs on the heart strings.

If you’re not a huge fan of graphic novels or only ever dabble in the genre, I would wholeheartedly recommend this series. Although the story is not finished yet, I was drawn in from the start and devoured all issues that were available. If you enjoy emotional storytelling that tackle issues both large and small, I would recommend every issue of Saga.

There were many other books, music, movies, shows, and all sorts of things that caught my attention last year but the three above were the ones that have been on my mind the most. The main linking theme between them appears to be a science fiction theme, I can only hope that this continues into 2018 🙂


7 thoughts on “Small Snippet of 2017

  1. I never realised Home was a TV show as well!
    I loved the new Thor movie too, albeit I didn’t think it sat well with the others because it just felt so different, but I laughed so much in the movie! I want to see Black Panther but haven’t had the chance yet.
    I also almost hired SAGA from the library today without realising it was on this list…. I forgot my library card, so Its on the list to pick up tomorrow 🙂


    1. You should totally watch the first episode of Home, its really sweet and funny. And yeah, the Ragnarok was really different from the last Thor movies, in looks and tone. I really liked the lighter look at the characters.

      And oooo! Definitely give Saga a go – it is amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I liked the light characters too… and the way they managed to redeem Loki, especially since we’d had a conversation not all that long before the movie about how it was never going to be possible.

        Liked by 1 person

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