Small Snippet of September 2015

Small Snippet sept

Once again we find ourselves with a large gap in between posts, and once again I offer the same excuse. I’m just so tired. Due to this posts often get put so way behind on my priorities, but fret not you’ll get random posts.

Last month was a bit of a blur for me but there were some stand outs amongst the noise.

Sia – This is Actingsia

I have always been aware of Sia, especially her early work within Australia, however her last album and this new one have grabbed my attention. Where 1,000 Forms of Fear was a evolution of her personal style, This is Acting is Sia hitting her mark. The album is solid from start to end, I can say that I am a fan of every song on the album and often find myself sneaking a headphone in and listening to it at work.

One thing you can always count Sia to be is lyrically impressive; This is Acting is once again testament to her emotive skills as a songwriter. I would definitely recommend people press play and give this a listen.

Stand outs on the album for me are: Move Your Body, Unstoppable, Broken Glass and the heart wrenching Alive.

Jamberry Nails

Please note these are not my nails, please click photo to be taken to owners Flickr page.

I have only recently become aware of this Jamberry Nails, which operates with a similar structure to Avon, Tupperware, and Partylite. The product for this company is nail wraps, which is essentially nail stickers. If you are anything like me, having and maintaining pretty nails is very far outside of my skill set. With Jamberry wraps though, you can have pretty nails will minimal fuss.

Once you have your wraps it is a small manner of preparing your nails, and then using a blow dryer to soften the wraps. Once you have done this, they will simply stick to your nails and you have only to spread them across and them file the remaining wrap away.

Due to my teeny tiny nails, I had to purchase the junior or children edition of the wraps. Do not get me wrong though, they are beautiful. Jamberry says that the nails last up to three weeks but with the two manicures I have done they tend to start giving out at the week mark. Mine had started to shift and lift, getting caught in my hair, however more than half remain in tact for longer. To combat this I have simply been reapplying new nails to the ones that have had to be removed.

If you find the idea of applying multicoloured patterns to your nails, then fear not, just wack some Jamberry wraps on them.

Penguins of Madagascar (TV Series)

the-penguins-of-madagascarI have a weakness for cheesy animated TV shows, if you don’t believe me please refer to my Top 5 list. You will find no cheesier than the Penguins of Madagascar TV series, the show exists outside of the film timelines as the penguins find themselves back at the New York zoo alongside King Julian.

Each episode is full of the hi-jinks of the four main penguins as they navigate the zoo and larger world around them. The show is particularly enjoyable as each bit size, ten minute episode is just enough to whet your appetite. The show presents a nice opportunity for viewers to explore the personalities and relationships between characters, which has been lacking in any other Madagascar installments to date.

If you feel like having something fluffy and cute to watch while you do something else, the Penguins of Madagascar TV series comes highly recommended.

Also I just want to wish myself a Happy 101 Posts!

101 Posts

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