Small Snippet of August

Small Snippet Aug

It has been a whole year since my very first Small Snippet post! A whole year! Looking back on that post, I still enjoy Paloma Faith, still use and love the Glasshouse candles, and … need to watch the third season of Veep. In fact I would say I am in need of a complete re-watch. I honestly cannot believe it has been a year since I started this reoccurring post, it has made things so much easier and (I think) it is an interesting and quick read.


Additionally it has been six months since my last Small Snippet post.

Six. Months.

Honestly that blows my mind, this year has flown by so fast! I feel like I should do a post to make up for all that time, but I will instead try and do an overview at the end of the year.


Looking back at my last Small Snippet, I was posting pictures of my Lego creator pack. I don’t have the time to take a picture of the last version of that set (which still has pride of place on my book case) but I will try and get a picture up next time.

logo (1)Bring Your Own Book Card Game

BYOB is little gem that has just recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign, but you can also pick it up for free and print it out yourself. The concept of the game is that everyone brings their own book (ala the title) and with gameplay similar to Cards Against Humanity, everyone gets to pick phases and excerpts from their text that match card prompts.

I have played this game about five times and each has been so very different. It really comes down to the books that you play with, so unlike CAH which has the potential to get stale, Bring Your Own Book is one that places a lot more choice with the players. I would highly recommended this game for any fan of reading, card games, and anyone who just likes taking things out of context.

Article-spacejamweb-0221Space Jam

Netflix just added Space Jam to the Australian library and as soon as I saw it I was just flooded with so many memories of all the hype and merchandising that was the film when it came out. After a very terrible day at work, I felt like it could only be redeemed by some Space Jam. I was not wrong.

There were so many more jokes I got, especially in relation to all the fourth wall jokes that mention other companies and knowing the producer. While the story did seem not as grand as I remember it still nevertheless lived up to the hyped up memories of my primary school self.


True Survivor (from Kung Fury) by David Hasselhoff

If you haven’t heard of Kung Fury, you really need to stop reading and click this link. It is an amazing film that is an amazing mix of 80s nostalgia and intense amazing graphics. ‘True Survivor’ is the accompanying song of the film, with pretty much everything in it screaming the 80s. I haven’t really given The Hoff much of a listen but I just cannot stop listening to the song.

Once you have finished watching the original movie, you should do yourself a favour and watch the clip underneath.

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