Robin Skouteris

robin-skouterisRobin Skouteris is a music & video producer, DJ and mash-up artist who creates music by ‘mashing’ up a number of songs. Skouteris whose work is featured on his YouTube channel as well as his own website creates songs by joining pre-existing music together to create a new and different song. A number of Skouteris’ music has been compiled into seven albums, with his eighth being promised soon.

A range of music has been released by Skouteris from classical remixes (Moonlight Hotel (which mixes Beethoven, The Eagles, and Maria Callas together)) to simple two song mashups (King Of ArtPop album which features songs by Michael Jackson Vs Lady Gaga) to complex multi-song and concept songs (his annual Pop Love songs). I am not the hugest fan of techno/dance songs however I find that I am always in the mood for Skouteris’ complex and always melodious music.

The music clips that accompany Skouteris’ songs are always visually stunning. They compliment the music in a way that will have you effortlessly sitting and watching his whole back catalogue. The video clips, a large number attributed to PanosT, often feature the official music clips of songs inter-cut with additional amazing visuals.

The true beauty of Skouteris’ work comes in the way he blurs the line between simple and complex. The music does things you may not even notice until you sit down and focus, what feels like a simple mash up song is actually quite complex. It is the fact that the songs feel so simple that demonstrates Skouteris’ skills; the seamless way that he blends different music and styles together to create something new and brilliant, is quite amazing.

You can catch Skouteris’ work on either his Youtube Channel or download his albums on his website. I highly recommended checking out his videos and work! If you’re anything like me, you will find yourself returning time and time again to his music.

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