Book Bingo: Four in One

Book Bingo - with stamps

It’s been almost two months since last updating so I have a few more books to cross off the bingo card. Over all this batch of books has been a bit all over the place, I’ve had books I loved, books I hated but mainly the books are ones that I would not have normally read except for the bingo card.

200px-West_lonelyheartsA Forgotten Classic

Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathanael West

To say that this book was unpleasant would be an understatement. It is not that the book is bad, it is more that the book is very depressing, it is from a depressing era (the actual Depression) and is quite upfront with the tragedies that have befallen the people who write into Miss Lonelyheart. The book was quite unsettling and upsetting, after having put it down I have every intention of repressing my memories, here is hoping I can make Miss Lonelyhearts a true forgotten classic.


Car Sick: John Waters Hitchhikes across America by John Waters

I have always been a fan of John Waters, from his films, his essays and his documentaries, his newest memoir is no different, I loved it. Carsick documents Waters trip as he hitch hikes from one side of America to the other. The books is broken up into three major sections, the first two are fictional explorations of how his journey could have possibly gone.

The first section is the ‘good’ trip where Waters encounters a plethora of weird and wonderful people, the second section is the ‘bad’ trip where he encounters a variety of weird and not so wonderful people. The book ends with the last section which is all about Waters actual journey. These three sections and its mix of fiction and autobiography make the book a fresh and pleasant read.

Picture Book

Zaks-Safari-Book-CoverZak’s Safari: A Story about Donor Conceived Kids from Two-Mum Families by Christy Tyler

Zak’s Safari is a beautiful picture book that offers up the story of how Zak was conceived. The picture book tells the story of how Zak’s two mothers met, fell in love and then how Zak was conceived and born. The illustrations are stunning and the story is beautiful, I am so glad that I got to be a part of this books production.

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, the books is now available at a number of accessible retailer such as Amazon and Book Depository. Tyler has just announced that she is writing another book about a two Father family and I cannot wait!

16176724Non Super Hero Graphic Novel

Think Tank by Matt Hawkins

I binge read Think Tank. I started on the first volume and then powered through till the end. I regret nothing. Think Tank is a science based graphic novel that follows the life of prodigy Dr. David Loren and his totally voluntary work for the army. I absolutely loved the character if David and even though the plot gets pretty heavy going theme wise, I was still happy to follow wherever the graphic novel led.

I would totally recommend the series to anyone who wants to read a comic of graphic novel but how doesn’t want to have to deal with all the reboots and convoluted stories, Think Tank is a straightforward, brilliant, if a little heart breaking, read.

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