Small Snippet of February

Small Snippet feb

To be honest, February has flown by for me. While certainly the days may have dragged in places, every time I look at the calendar I am surprised to see how far along in the month we are. So without further adieu, I present yo you a Small Snippet of February.

LEGO Creator, Treehouse

Despite posting one picture and a description in the Small Snippet of January, it has taken me a month to dismantle my first Lego creation. The second of the three in one Treehouse Creator box is a small Beach hut? The house was very fun to build and looks so pretty!

I think I may make this a reoccurring snippet. Leave the pretty Lego structure on display for a month and then start the next one. So look forward to next months Lego creation which is the most advanced of the three, a tree house.

Video Game Bingo

Book Bingo

I am still so smitten with not only the concept of Book Bingo, but my card. The fun of trying to find the right book to fit in the square is proving to be quite fun. My partner was inspired by my card and my wish to complete them all, that it was requested that I make a video game one. The game card was just as much fun to make, if not even more, as I got to be a bit devious with the square choices.

Once again you are more than welcome to use the video game bingo card, I just ask that you attribute it in some way. I would also like to mention that I used Canva to create both cards. Canva is proving to be an invaluable site that allows people to easily create graphics for free.

Starbomb – Player Select

Starbomb is a musical parody band by the people who bought you Game Grumps and Ninja Sex Party. Leigh Daniel Avidan  (Danny Sexbang), Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian), and Arin Hanson (Egoraptor), have joined forces to create a second album, Player Select,  that riffs off of a number of gaming and popular culture references. Games mentioned within the album range from Pokemon (‘The New Pokerap’), God of War (‘God of No More’), Pacman (‘Inky’s Lament’), Transformers (‘Robots in Need of Disguise’), and Minecraft (‘Minecraft is for Everyone’).

The album is a funny and engaging look into different, often times more sexual or dark, sides of the games. Stand outs of the album, for me include, ‘Glass Joe’s Title Fight,’ ‘Inky’s Lament’, and ‘Minecraft is for Everyone’ which even includes a guest appearance by Notch, himself.

Small Snippet comment

3 thoughts on “Small Snippet of February

    1. You read a book/game that fits in one of the categories and then when you’re finished with it, give it a tick. If you finish a row you get a bingo 🙂 Kind of like an actual bingo card but instead of numbers its specific things.
      You can aim for intentional game/book choices or justfillit out as you read 😊


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