Upcoming New Feature

In the upcoming weeks you can look forward to seeing a new blog feature called, ‘Currently Consuming.’

work-in-progressCurrently Consuming‘ will be a weekly look at something that, you guessed it, I am ‘currently consuming.’ This however is not the traditional sort of ‘consuming’ in that I will not be making the change to a food blog. No, instead I will use the spot to focus on something that I am in the middle of interacting with.

Just like the blog itself, this may include watching, reading, listening, playing or any kind of interaction you can think of really. So expect to see TV series, books, games music, movies and a whole bunch more.

I am currently in the middle of figuring out the structure and template for the new feature but the first post will appear on the 9th of January. ‘Currently Consuming’ will hopefully become a weekly post which I indulge in and will make an appearance every Friday.

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