Small Snippet of December

Small Snippet Dec

To say that December is a hectic and expensive month would be an understatement. It seems that no matter what each and every weekend is filled with some friend festivity or family obligation. Despite all this fuss and running around, I do relish the holiday time at the end of the month where some serious leisure time can be enjoyed.

Having said this though, some aspects of the holiday can be quite annoying. The somewhat forceful way the spiritual overtones of the holidays are shoved down your throat, have me going out of my way to reference the Futurama specials and refer to the period as only the Xmas holidays. Regardless of my feelings towards certain aspects of the holiday, I nevertheless enjoy a number of the, somewhat unique, patterns that my Decembers have developed over the years.

Xmas Specials

Nothing gives me more joy than sitting down on a sweaty December night and watching a bunch of television Xmas specials. Over the years I have compiled a list of all the TV series that I own, and all of the Xmas episodes that lie within them. Using this list, I move from disc to disc enjoying all the different takes on the holidays and all of the assorted ways in which the holiday has been represented.

On my list you are sure to find 30 Rock, Amazing World of Gumball, American Dad, Community, Futurama, Green Wing, The Simpsons, South Park, and many more. You may have noticed the abundance of animated shows, this not only represents my tastes in television but also the proclivity of the medium for themed episodes. If I had to pick two shows I would recommend it would be Futurama and Community.

xmas (1)

Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

Kmart-Wishing-Tree-LogoA charitable gift collection appeal organised by Kmart and the Salvation Army sees a special ‘wishing tree’ erected at the front of each Australian Kmart that allows people to donate presents for families in need. Simply by taking a hanging tag from a wishing tree, a person can gift a present to a person of a specific or generalised age and gender. The age that you can choose to donate a gift to range from infants all the way to seniors. This year the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal hopes to collect more than 500,000 presents.

It is always heart warming to walk past the tree and see it almost overflowing with charitable donations. Each year, as I donate, I can only hope that the unseen person who receives the present, enjoys the gift.

Mini Xmas Puddings!

While these are close to what the amazing Mini Chocolate Puddings look like, they sadly are not them. I ate them too quickly to take a picture :P
While these are close to what the amazing Mini Chocolate Puddings look like, they sadly are not them. I ate them too quickly to take a picture 😛

A very close friend of mine, Amy from the Lost in a Good Book blog, has a very closely guarded secret recipe for mini chocolate puddings. These puddings, that for some reason aren’t world famous, are absolutely delicious! Said puddings, are small balls of chocolate that have some sort of crushed biscuit in them. On top these little spheres of scrumptious delight are half covered in melted white chocolate and garnished with chopped up red and green snake lollies. All up these beautiful chocolate balls give the impression of a miniature traditional chocolate pudding.

Despite numerous attempts to find and steal the secret recipe, it still remains a closely guarded secret. Just as you think I’ve run out of adjectives to describe these delectable morsels of chocolatey goodness, all the sugary sweetness pales in comparison to the agony and pain I feel knowing that these mini puddings come only once a year.

You can also see some of Amy’s work on this blog in her guest post: Voltaire’s BiTrektual. Be sure to also check out her Lost in a Good Book blog!

2 thoughts on “Small Snippet of December

    1. Its like a bitter sweet present. I eat them feeling so happy but then feel so remorseful when I get to the last one, I should have savoured them more 😛 But yes, the secretiveness and one -a-yearness gives them their power!


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