The power of a Library Card



tumblr_mjyjmguqh31rq55b4o1_1280As a child, I remember the moment I got my very own library card. Until then I had been piggy backing off my Mother’s card but it wasn’t until I got my very own card that I truly felt in control of my own borrowing. The card was still kept in my Mother’s wallet but I could still walk up to the counter and the nice librarian could scan the books for me.


I don’t think we should ever forget the power of  a library card. For a child, at least in my own experience, it was like opening up a whole new world of possibilities. No longer was my hand being held through the library, as I finally had the power to choose and consume the knowledge in the books I had borrowed all by myself.


Still to this day I remember my library card number, rather than that of my license or credit card number. I feel that just like the power of the library card, the library itself is still a important  and powerful part of society.

6 thoughts on “The power of a Library Card

  1. I’m just going to leave this here:

    I also am very attached to my library card. I still use my very first one I got when I was 4 years old, and like you it was kept in mum’s wallet, and it still has the piece of tape on it with my name so we could tell it apart from my sister’s. My library has gotten a couple new cards over the years but I still turn up with my one that is over 20 years old :D. There is something special about it, not just being *a* library card but your *first* library card. Being given the chance to pick what you wanted and using your own card was a very simple idea but so powerful as well.


    1. Would you believe that I was either going to post the comic or that video for the post. Such a lovely song and show.

      I was quite proud that I got to keep my original one until I was in the last years of high school. Sadly had to be replaced by one of the nicer plastic ones though. And exactly as you say, its a small and simple thing but so powerful at the same time!


  2. You remember the numbers?! And you kept the original that long?! I had to update mine five times before high school ended you lucky bastard. Or is it basterd? Bastard looks better, I’m going with bastard, you bastard.


    1. Numbers? Our username is the barcode number so it’s quite easy to remember. Haha I’ve been offered a new card but as long as mine works I am quite content.


      1. Mine had to be replaced as I had not been there for the two years I was studying to be … a librarian. I feel quite ashamed. Although the new card is all plastic and pretty.


    2. Back then they were only five numbers 🙂 To be fair though, my new card is also five/six numbers and I cannot remember that one 😛

      And bastard 🙂


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