David Bowie’s The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

Saskia De Brauw, Tilda Swinton, David Bowie, Andrej PejicThe second single from David Bowie’s upcoming album, ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)‘ is once again an audio and visual delight. The accompanying film clip is one that features Tilda Swinton and models Saskia De Brauw and Andrej Pejic. The androgynous nature of all three, indeed four actors, is played upon and is deeply reminiscent of Bowie’s earlier work.

A comment on the media obsession with ‘celebrity,’ the clip is one that sees the reversal of roles between ‘normal’ couple Bowie and Swinton and newly arrived celebrity couple De Brauw and Pejic. Roles begin to be flipped as the celebrities start to intrude upon the couple, interrupting and disturbing their privacy. This obvious take on the intrusive nature of the paparazzi and often times ridiculous attention given to the private lives of celebrities is at the heart of this clip and song.

Away from the visual and gender-bending brilliance of the clip, the song is one that only heightens my excitement for the album. ‘The Stars’ is more reminiscent of previous album Reality but also hints at Bowie’s rocking back catalogue. Where, ‘Where are We Now,’ was a tender and heartfelt song, ‘The Stars’ is faster, upbeat and a magnificent return to form. The catchy hook of the chorus draws you in while the excellent guitar work is woven beautifully throughout the song.

While previously moved to a release date of the 15th of March for Australian audiences, The Next Day, has once again returned to an 8th of March release. With an online pre-order the 8th could not come quickly enough!

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