The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

ImageIt was not until the train ride home from The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses that I played my first Legend of Zelda game. The 64 bit adventures of Legend of Zelda: Four Swords and its accompanying soundtrack had nothing on the two and a half hour musical performance held at the Sydney Opera House.

Orchestrated by the Sydney Symphony and accompanied by Cantillation (an ensemble of singers), the Symphony of the Goddesses featured over eight songs and a four part symphony created from Japanese composer Koji Kondo’s music from the Legend of Zelda games. As well as the orchestration of these classic songs the event featured a large screen that played montages from the games above the players. The bringing to life of songs that I had only vaguely been familiar with proved to be both lovely and involving. One can only imagine the feelings of a true fan at such a event. Needless to say, the applause after each piece was powerful.

Hosted brilliantly by the casually charismatic Jason Michael Paul and conducted by the brilliant Irishwoman Eimear Noone the Symphony of the Goddesses included works from Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time and the soon to be re-released Wind Waker. As well as incorporating video from the games Noone, for the second movement of the symphony, conducted with a Wind Waker baton. Small details such as this and the cute repetitions of the chicken attacks from the games, was one that had the audience laughing and sighing nostalgically throughout.

Feeling somewhat an outsider, one who had until meeting my partner thought Zelda was the one wearing green tights, could only sit and marvel at the sheer brilliance of both the music and games. It was as the music of the Overture swelled and blended with the visuals, you could feel the collective held breath of the audience, let out only at the end in order to applaud and cheer wildly. The response from the audience was so much that no less than three encores were performed. The brilliant orchestra and the stunning visuals exhibited at the symphony is one that has won Nintendo another fan, as I could not look more forward to the infinitely cute Wind Waker re-release.

The set list was a follows:

Act 1



Kakariko Village – Hope and Calm

Songs of the Hero


Prelude – The Creation

1. The Ocarina of Time

2. The Windwaker

Act 2

Fairy Fountain (2012)


3. The Twilight Princess

4. Time of the Falling Rain.


Ballad of the Wind Fish

Geruda Valley

Majora’s Mask Medley

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