David Bowie’s Where Are We Now?

For the first time in 10 years David Bowie has released a new single. ‘Where Are We Now’ from the upcoming album The Next Day is slow, lovely and deeply reminiscent. Similar to Bowie’s last album, Reality, ‘Where Are We Now’ manages to encapsulate all that is good about Bowie. His vocals are there, as smooth as ever despite his 66 years of age, and the haunting nature of the song manages to ensnare and enamour much like that of ‘Life on Mars?’ and ‘Bring Me the Disco King.’

From my first listen to my thirtieth, I cannot express how much I adore this song. Nor can I contain my excitement for the release of The Next Day. I am a little perplexed but nevertheless over-joyed that Australia is the first to be able to purchase said album. What troubles me the most is whether I am going to buy The Next Day from iTunes or wait until the 15th of March to purchase a hard-copy. The urge to buy both must be resisted, however there will be no promises made.

In amongst all this excitement is a feeling of hope. That little thing with feathers is fluttering like mad in my soul at the prospect of Bowie touring. If this does indeed happen, expense be damned, I will be attending!

For your viewing enjoyment

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